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    hitch tray racks and exhaust pipes...

    hi all

    I'm going to be trading in my G35 for a FX35 but what worries me about this, and all SUV's, is the exhaust comes straight out the back - in this case dual exhausts - and seems to me, inline with the tires on the bikes when mounted in the trays. Are all tray racks on line with the exhausr pipes, as it seems or do some makes a 'riser' for the hitch mount?

    What are your experiences with this situation? or am I better off just stuffing the bike in the back.

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    All my hitch racks have had a rise. I've not seen one that didn't.
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    I have a G35 with a hitch rack and the exhaust shoots straight into the tire on the bike closest to the car. It gets a little warm, that's all.

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    It depends on your vehicle too though, Some exhaust comes out alot hotter than others(Turbos tend to be hotter). For shorter trips I don't think it would be to bad, but I've heard of people melting their tires on road trips and such.

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    To add to what Syndrome was saying:

    On a 2.5, 3 hour drive up in my Volvo 850 Turbo, we were using a trunk rack secured by straps. As a result, my front tire hung pretty much where the exhaust was pointed. By the time we got there the tire tread had softened up a lot and been damaged by the heat. The rubber kind of... decomposed and was really soft, gooey, and had this funny cracked look to it even after the tire had cooled back down. So it is something you might consider when buying your rack. If you go hitch mounted though I think you should be fine as most of them seem to have a "lift" to them.
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