I'm looking for a hitch-mount rack for my Eurovan. Requirements:

  • 2" receiver
  • Tray-style (Sometimes have frame bags, and don't want to remove them for the drive. Plus, you know, carbon frame weenie.)
  • Has enough clearance to open rear door of Eurovan while bikes are loaded

I really like the Kuat NV I have on the Subaru, but it (at least my 1.25" model with the 2" adapter) sits close/high enough that I can't open the back door, even with it unloaded. Not sure if there is a difference in the 2" model. I can get a good price on Kuat and Yakima through my LBS, so those are my preference. Anyone have any experience?

I think the Fiamma looks cool, and if I can't find a definite solution with Kuat or Yakima I may go that way.

I asked on a VW forum, but I guess they are more VW nerds than bike nerds, so my demands may have seemed a little crazy.