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    Hitch Mount Rack for Pickup

    Hello. I have a 2016 GMC Canyon PickUp and looking for a hitch mounted rack that will fold up and down, except two 5 inch tire fat bikes, and be able to lower the tail gate and not hit the rack when folded down. Any suggestions? I contacted Thule about the 9032 T2 Pro and they think the tailgate will hit the rack.

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    OneUp and Kuat make good hitch racks that can take fat tires. Not sure about tailgate clearance when the hitch is in it's normal position, but worth an e-mail to the manufacturer.

    Might want to look at one of the "over the tailgate" pads. Just a few for reference.
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    Yakima is releasing a fatbike tray rack in March of 2017. Dr. Tray. - don't know the details, but maybe they'll have info on it from Eurobike. They are aware of the shortcomings of the T2Pro and it's inability to haul multiple fatbikes simultaneously.
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    I loaded my bike onto a tailgate pad setup for a shuttle for the first time this summer with my fatbike (Salsa Bucksaw). It was just a short drive to the trailhead, but it worked well.

    That said, I wouldn't want to rely on it for long trips, because your bike winds up taking up bed/cargo space.

    I have a Kuat NV which works great. There's a new version of it out that adds a few features. I haven't loaded 2 fatbikes on it (only one), but I don't see why it couldn't fit more than one at a time.

    Also look at the 1UpUSA racks.

    I think for the tailgate clearance, you need to know the space between your hitch and the tailgate when it's down, and look for racks that have a lower "stack" height. The Kuat NV platforms sit kinda high, but the NV 2.0 may be different.

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    +1 for the Kuat NV rack. This video shows the older version on the back of a Tacoma with plenty of clearance for the tailgate down, I would have to imagine most trucks will be similar. You might even get enough room to access the tailgate with it loaded if you tilt it down. I have the same rack on the back of my Subaru Forester and with two bikes on, tilt it down, and I have plenty of room to open the rear hatch. I have had the rack for a year now and it is still rock solid. The new version out has a few changes but the overall design and size looks very similar so either one would work.

    For what its worth, I had a Thule rack before the Kuat and from new it had so much play in all the pivots I was afraid a big enough bump and the bikes would go flying off. It was scary how much it bounced and flopped around. Barely any movement with the Kuat.

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    Use a hitch extension.
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