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    Help Me Find a Setup...

    Well, I was about to go pick up my new bike from the shop and I realized that it won't fit in my 1997 Honda Civic EX.

    I need to get a relatively cheap if possible setup for my car. Any suggestions?

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    the cheapest thing is to pick up a trunk rack. it's not the most stable but it works. i use a saris bones on my girlfriend's 2006 civic.

    if you're looking for a more stable option, roof racks are another way to go. you can also install a hitch and use a hitch rack. its up to you.

    there's a number of trunk racks out there and all of the them do the same job. it's just a matter of preference, budget and stability.

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    Yes, trunk racks are the cheapest solution. They will mar up your paint job if you use them a lot, but they do get the job done. They start at about $50. Here is a range of options for those racks. There is not any one brand that really stands out from the rest IMHO.

    Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

    If you decide to go the hitch rack route, it will probably cost you between $250-300 for the combination of the hitch and the rack. If you want a really sweet rack, that might push into the $400+ range. Here is a link to the hitch for that car. If you install it yourself, it will reduce your cost by ~$100 or more.

    Honda Civic Trailer Hitch

    And here is an idea of the range of options for the hitch bike rack:

    Hitch Bike Racks

    Roof racks are another option, but in my opinion the hitch racks are a better option. Less wind resistance, more MPGs, and easier to load/unload. If you want a roof rack, I'd look at either Thule or Yakima.

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