Help with a 1Up Rack issue-
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    Help with a 1Up Rack issue

    I'm having a problem with my 1UP rack and I'm hoping the MTBR community can help out with a simple fix before I go and contact the company as a warranty issue.

    My rack is 6mo old and it had been working perfect, but just yesterday I went to close the tray arms and the right side arm refuses to close. The problem seems to stem from the red release lever. When I go to manually toggle the lever, there is a significant high friction notchy feel in the middle of the lever travel. Very different from the left side which feels smooth. So normally when I close the tray arms, the red release lever smoothly ratchets over the rails, but because of the friction in the red lever, the red lever assembly catches on the rail and the arm won't go any further. Inspecting it from the outside, it's not very obvious what's causing the extra friction/notchiness on the right release lever.

    Is it something as simple as lubing the whole red release lever assembly to fix this issue? I'm hesitant to do anything since I've read all these accounts of people who've used their racks for years without doing any maintenance or lubrication whatsoever.

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    I had the same problem on my 1up. Turns out the issue is the bold near the red lever is a little tight. I fix it by basically losing it a little.
    By a little I would basically just break the seal then just tighten back up but not as tight as it was before.
    Fix the issue completely. If you are a little confused on where I can try to take a picture of what I am talking about.

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    Thanks. I found that the underside of the ratchet rack was built up with some road grime, not a ton, but enough to make it not smooth to the touch. I scrubbed that area and sprayed a little silicone lube on the release lever assembly. It seems to be back to functioning normally! Will need more use to see if the same issue occurs again (while keeping the underside clean).

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