Fork mount mounted sideways in a truck bed-
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    Fork mount mounted sideways in a truck bed

    In my Tacoma, I had two Rocky Mount fork mounts that I mounted to the front rail of track system that I had on the truck. I just got a new Tundra that also has the track system, but I put a tonneau cover on it that covers up the front rail. Would it hurt the bikes to mount the fork mounts on the side rails? I would prefer to not have to take the cover completely off every time I wanted to throw the bikes in. I'm just worried about the air resistance being on the side of the bikes instead of from front to back. Will that cause a problem?

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    the sustained sideways force on the may be nothing but it just doesn't sound good to me. especially if you're doing any highway driving. how far back in the bed, and how high would the bikes sit above the roof? maybe if they were kind of tucked in close to the cab, and the frame was down low it could be fine.

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    On my old truck, I used the 2x4 method and had the mounts close to the tailgate with the rear wheel by the cab. Simple bungee cord and some rope to hold the rear wheel down. If you can fit them in between the tailgate and toneau cover, I'd look at that method before every trying to mount them sideways. Much easier to move the bikes in and out of the truck bed, and getting to the clamp from the back the truck is dead simple.
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    Yeah, the more I thought about it, the less I liked that idea. I went ahead and mounted them to the front rail. I'll see how big of a pain in the ass it is to take my tonneau off each time. (It's one of the hard trifold ones) If it is too big of a pain, I may try mounting them to a 2x4 and doing it that way.

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