• 04-06-2010
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    DIY Roof Rack Suggestions Please
    I started riding last year and have come to the point that I now need a roof rack. I have a 2000 BMW 328i. It currently does not have a roof rack system. I am purchasing some OEM BMW base bars and mounting brackets off Craigslist, however I am looking to make something a bit cheaper for the tire trays. I figure I will buy some decent fork clamps from the local bike shop for cheap, now I just need some cheap trays and straps to have the bike sit in.

    Has anybody done a DIY build on these? I'm sure they have. I've seen guys build them out of wood and PVC but they will be on my car often and I would like something a bit more OEM looking.

    Is there a place that makes just the trays for cheap?

    Thanks in advance!

  • 04-06-2010
    just work the garage sales and CL until you find the parts you need

    there is so much rack stuff lying around in garages not in use that you should not have to pay much to have something that worked great 5 years ago and still does.
  • 04-06-2010
    if you want something cheap, look on ebay...or craigslist.

    feel free to p.m. me the links to the products you are looking at, and i will give you a straight up answer if they're good or if they're junk.