DIY: Extend your Thule 2 bike tray to a 4 bike tray for only $30-
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    DIY: Extend your Thule 2 bike tray to a 4 bike tray for only $30

    Extend your Thule 2 bike tray to a 4 bike tray for only $30

    So basically what you are doing is joining 2 Thule bike racks together

    So the key ingredient here is to have a friend who also has a Thule (2) bike tray and join them together, instead of paying the 350.00$ for Thule's extension you can make your own for 30$.

    everything you need, also a drill will be necessary

    2- Thule (2bike) bike trays
    1- 32" 12gauge 1.5 square tubing
    2- 32" 3/16 x 1-1/2 flatbar(shims)
    1- 6 1/2" x 2 square tubing (trailer hitch tubing)
    4- Bolts 3"long 11mm Zinc plated, washers and nylon threaded nuts.

    raw materials...look for a steel shop in your area

    STEP 1
    start by removing one bike tray from its hitch

    STEP 2
    There is a small screw on the bike rack that needs to be removed with a screwdriver. insert 32" long square tubing with shims all the way into bike rack square tube.

    One thing I noticed is if you push this square tubing all the way in until it stops you wont be able to fold your bike tray up, so back the square tubing out just a bit so you can pull the lever to fold your bike tray up.

    connector tube inserted

    showing here both the racks on 32" connector tube with the extra stout square tubing that will eventually slide between the two racks to add extra support and prevent any kind of freak bending.

    STEP 3
    Drill holes Tighten Bolts
    Put all pieces together make sure the internal connector tube is where you want it within the square tubing of the joined Thule bike racks. As you drill your holes insert and tighten the bolts to keep parts from shifting...Drill 2 holes into each bike tray and make sure these holes go through the internal connector tubing as well...Insert bolts and tighten firmly, I also added some locktite but may not be necessary with the nylon threaded nuts.

    showing where I drilled my holes and the additional square support tubing between the 2 racks, The stout square tubing support just floats between the 2 racks...depending on how you have your trays mounted you may have to shift them slightly to allow for enough room between racks...I had just enough room between my 2 racks for the 6 1/2" long square support tubing and a bolt.

    once the bolts are tightened it will be very solid

    VERY satisfied with the results for such an easy DIY project...The rack was put to the test this weekend on a 6 hour road trip 80mph+ highway speeds, driving though cities, curbs, bumps etc. But the real test came driving out to the trail heads on bumpy rocky fireroads, the bike rack did not even flinch. Super solid design would highly reccomend for the DIYers out there.

    for any of you who have driven up to the Gaucomole trail in Hurricane UT. you know how bumpy that road can be...the rack handled it all like a champ!!

    This works great for times when you have a group of 4 wanting to do a road trip or run odd man out shuttles...once you are done everything can be unbolted and the trays put back on their own vehicles. the only thing you are left with 2 small holes drilled in your rack.

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    Nice! I am playing with Similar idea, but starting from no hitch rack and mounting roof trays on some tubing. No product yet, but i should have something by late winter

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