Well I have decided to buy a Saris Thelma after research. It seems to fit my needs and budget. I went to my LBS to see the thelma 2 they have instock. He did not seem to know much just what the box said and not one on display. Asked if I could buy a regular 3 and convert to juvenile and vice versa as my daughter is not old enough to ride but thinking future uses. LBS was not much help. Didnt even offer to make a quick call to saris. Almost didnt seem to care if he sold me something. Asked about pricing on the thelma 3 and offered $20 off. Not sure if it was just me but I left kind of hanging. I then called another shop 20 miles away. They have a thelma 3 but would not budge on price. I looked on Ebay and I can buy a brand new thelma 3 for $320 shipped to my door. That is $55 less than the LBS after taxes. I found a Thelma 2 for $250 shipped.

Actually I am not sure If i really need the 3 place rack. I have only hauled one bike at a time in the past year. My wife will ride occasionally starting next month and my daughter is only 4 so that is years out. I have a crossover SUV so I can haul if needed.