What's out there now in May 2016 for a roof rack which can take multiple types of forks?

Looks like a few options:

* Yakima Whispbar WB200. MSRP $289. Sophisticated mechanism to adjust size of axle and also for T-Slot install. Dunno about installing on non-T-Slot bars.
* Thule ThruRide 535. MSRP ~$220. Interesting lock which clamps onto the TA (or the included 9mm adapter), might scuff the TA. Kind of nice but simple clamps for attaching to rails w/no tools. Lock (core not included) hold skewere in place.
* Kuat Trio. MSRP ~$210. Comes w/15mm/9mm single 'skewer' + 20mm adapter. Includes cheesy cable lock. Simple u-bolts for install w/'security' tool. Made in Taiwan or China?
* RockyMounts Switch Hitter. MSRP ~$190. Multiple colors. Looks to have a 15mm TA and includes some sort of skewer which adapts to 9mm, and some other sort of 20 mm adapter. Includes cheesy cable (but lock cores extra). Metal 'strap' on the front, 2-piece rear to install to car (simple enough). Made in USA???
* Inno Multi-Fork Lock bike rack (INA392). MSRP ~$160. Includes 3 bushings to vary skewer size. Easy straps onto car. Includes locks which holds down the skewer. Made in China?

What else?

(And maybe I should get a wheel mount one instead...)