Covering your bike on a rack-
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    Covering your bike on a rack

    Is there a safe way to cover my bikes on my Thule T2 hitch rack?

    I won't be storing them overnight on the rack. My main concern is getting caught in a rainstorm when out on the road. Driving rain, driven into the components at highway speeds isn't good at all.

    In the past, I'd take my road bikes off the roof and throw them inside the car but my current set up (and the dirt on the bikes) doesn't lend itself to this method. So I'd like to have a back up plan.

    Is there a commercial product or should I just carry a tarp and string to tie everything down as snuggly as possible to prevent it from becoming a sail or obstructed view hazard?


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    I'm not aware of anything commercial for that. I'd be concerned that the wind would cause the tarp or cover to flap and it would wear on the paint of your frames. You never know, though. There might be something out there, but a bottle of White Lightning is a good backup plan.

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    Unless you expect to be in wet conditions for multiple days, I wouldn't worry about it.

    I have many thousands of miles of bikes on a roof rack - through driving rain - without any issues.

    If you are planning on a road trip through consistently nasty weather, bring a towel and a tarp. When you stop, dry the bikes off as well as possible and cover them.

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    I have a SportWorks Rack on the back of my 4Runner. I just use the Colorado Cyclist bike cover thing you'd use on a roof rack. It covers the seat and shifters/brake levers. Of course it doesn't cover the cranks, but those take a bad enough beating anyways.
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    Has anyone used or seen the bike jacket?

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    That bikejacket looks like it might work on a platform bike tray style hitch rack like the Thule T2, except for the rear wheel strap. Maybe have to work an opening into the bottom somehow to allow the wheel strap to pass through. Otherwise, seems like the clamping arm should tighten right down on the front wheel no problem. I recall seeing a bike cover a few years ago at InterBike that was made for the mast style hitch bike racks that enclosed all the bikes and hitch rack included. Doubt that would work on a platform style hitch rack though.
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