• 12-18-2009
    choosing a ride... help me!
    Hey guys,

    I'm hoping this here's probably the best place to ask opinions on what would be a good ride for me (used), based on what's probably a rather odd criteria:

    -Will barely ever be used to commute/get around town (only when I'm hauling a big load (I ride a bike))
    -Main use is for carrying 4 riders & bikes to local riding spots (usually less than 1 hr, little shuttling, small backseat OK, prefer not to remove wheels to load bikes)
    -Secondary use is west coast road trips, camping, riding, sometimes on shitty dirt roads (so decent ground clearance is a plus)
    -I like smaller cars & getting very good mpg

    A couple I'm considering:

    2000ish Subaru Outback Sport - pros - good mpg, good handling... cons - 4 riders & bikes... hitch rack?

    2000ish Toyota Tacoma extra cab - pros - bikes super easy, camping in back with shell cons - **** mpg

    Anyone got any other recommendations? Much appreciated, and trying to keep an open mind

  • 12-19-2009
    I loved all 3 of my taco's, but if you're going to have more than 2 people in it for any period of time, it's a bad choice (unless you're all short). It was hard to drive around town with an extra person back there. I can't imagine a 1 hour drive with 4 people in the cab. The taco's don't get horrible gas mileage, I got 22 hwy with my 2.7L and closer to 20 with my 3.4L. It's nothing special, but it's nowhere near the 12mpg I get with my Bronco. I haven't owned a subaru, but my boss has an outback wagon 5spd and he gets over 30mpg, drives all over in the winter, and hasn't had any issues with it.
  • 12-19-2009
    I'd look for a Subaru Baja. As ass-ugly as they are they are pretty cheap compaired to an outback. But if you can take a bit of a hit in the whole millage thing (still in the 20's on highway) just look for a cheap minivan.
    Some of the early Japanese versoins weren't all that big. The first Honda Odysseys were tiny. About the size of a Mazda 5.
  • 12-23-2009
    Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions, I hadn't considered a Baja - they look nearly perfect for my needs. Appreciate the help, I'll be keeping an eye out for one :)