Tried a search for DIY and bolt-on, and permanent mount... didn't find anything.

Looking to find a cheap rack for my car - $60-80 cheap.

I have the bike rack/rail, I just need the crossbars to mount it to.

I have an old 94 Camry. Are there any cheap ways to mount crossbars on it? Are there any brackets that bolt on, and I can just put the bars on when needed? (Not real concerned about looks/resale of my car ) Thinking there's got to be a cheap DIY way to do this. It doesn't even have to be a wide cross bar, just 6 inches or about a heavy duty towel rack? lol.

The other cheap option is this:

EDIT: I guess I'm looking for something similar to this, but with a little longer bar and standing up a little higher:
Not crazy about that system though. Anyone try that?