• 02-28-2010
    Bikes inside first gen Scion xB?
    I am considering getting a first generation Scion xB, but one of my criteria for my "new" car is that two bikes must fit reasonably well inside. Other hatchbacks/wagons I have had in the past I typically take the front wheels off the bikes and simply lay the bikes inside with the car's back seat folded down.

    Can anyone share bike-carrying experience? Maybe an xB is tall enough to use fork mounts like people do with the Honda Fit?
  • 03-01-2010
    I have owned a couple first gen xB and I don't think the xB is tall enough to store them upright. The floor is really high in those cars. Depending on the size of your frame you should be able to fit a bike laying down with the front wheel off but it will be a squeeze trying to get two in there with gear.

    Those cars are great people movers but I found them not to be all that great for moving stuff around. Best solution for carrying multiple bikes with the xB will be a trailer or roof rack.
  • 03-01-2010
    I don't know if you've considered this, but maybe the Honda Element could accomplish that. I've been up close to one, and it seems very tall in the interior. That, and you have yourself an interior you can literally clean with a hose :cool:
  • 04-26-2010
    scion xb
    My hard tail 29er fits fine with front wheel removed in my first gen xb.
  • 04-29-2010

    Originally Posted by cumnz
    My hard tail 29er fits fine with front wheel removed in my first gen xb.

    I also have a first gen xB but I have removed the rear seat and built a deck with subs/amp.
    My xl 29er hardtail fits ok with the front wheel removed but I need to lower the seat post a bit.
    The rear seat anchors make a great tie-down point. I eventually installed a hidden hitch
    so that I could use a custom built hitch rack to keep the dirty bike out of my clean car.
  • 04-30-2010
    What brand of hitch did you use? And does it use the u shaped adapter?
  • 05-01-2010
    go to www.etrailer.com and look up your car. It's called a "hidden" hitch. they also have
    all the mounts. My rack is custom built and deosn't need the addapter.