Best way to transport in a pickup? Avalanche-
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    Best way to transport in a pickup? Avalanche

    Hitch racks are kinda spendy after purchasing my first real bike.. any brands you reccomend? 2011 Avelanche

    Seen pads for the tailgates of trucks are those decent? Do they scratch the paint?

    Seen some bars you attach tireless front suspension on.. that go in the bed of your pickup towards the cab.. any opinions?

    Looking to spen $100-$250..
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    If you don't mind removing the wheel, you can get a fork lock for $20 on Ebay. If your bike is a through axle, they make adapters to make that work. Screw it to a 2x4 across the bed and you're done.

    I do highly recommend a hitch rack, though. I avoided one for years and now I'm SO happy with having one and how it works.

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    My buddy bought a pad for our Sedona trip, if I had a pick up, that would be the route I take.

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    I have a custom rack over the bed covers on my Avalanche, but the tailgate method works great too. Just use an old sleeping bag or moving blanket and save some $$ over the brand name pads.

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    I use a pad on my Silverado works great and sure beats the hell out of taking your wheel off all the time too, hell if your hauling just one bike for now you can probably shove it in the bed

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