• 07-15-2014
    Best storage rack for hanging bike in garage with security lock?
    I want to hang my bikes on the wall in the garage so it looks neater and out of the way and off the floor when not using it. I live with roomates who sometime leave the garage open so my more expensive bike needs to be locked up. Right now have a cable lock around the frame and stairpost so nobody can take off with it.

    Anyways looking for something that is friendly to carbon wheels, and won't hurt the cables. Any suggestions?
  • 08-07-2014
    How about this? Cable through the frame(s), secured to big eyebolts at either end. Keep the cable as tight as possible so the eyebolts cannot be twisted out (easily). Make sure any bolt-cutters & hacksaws are not in plain sight in the garage, preferably locked up as well.

    J-hooks in the top 2x6, lower 2x4's keep the tires off the wall. Horizontal lumber secured to vertical 2x6's which take the load and actually rest on the concrete floor. The top 2x6 is lag-bolted to the wall studs; the bolts are in tension, not shear loaded.

  • 08-07-2014
    Best storage rack for hanging bike in garage with security lock?
    That's a great set-up Birdman!!!
  • 08-21-2014

    We used these in an apartment complex we built. They seem decent.
  • 08-22-2014
    Have you thought about hanging them from the ceiling? Then you save all that wall space for other stuff.

    I use the Harken Bike Lift. We have something like 10 bikes on the ceiling. Works really well.


  • 09-14-2014
    any other options from people? ?
  • 09-14-2014
    We bolt the bike fleet to the ceiling during the off season.

    Get a few of these and you would be set.

    Shop Blue Hawk Metal Bike Hook at Lowes.com

    Run a cable through the frames and you could bolt that to the wall/ceiling
  • 08-19-2016
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