Best hitch mount rack for 4 bikes on 2003 Honda Odyssey-
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    Best hitch mount rack for 4 bikes on 2003 Honda Odyssey


    I just got a 2" hitch installed on my 2003 Odyssey minivan and am looking for suggestions. I will use the rack to carry two bikes maybe 1-2x a month, but 3 times a year I want to have 3 or 4 bikes on it.

    Bikes will generally be hard tail mountain bikes, but occasionally a full suspension or 29 (if I end up getting one...)

    I'm not concerned with locking as we generally don't stop places with them where we can't watch them and if overnight have places to store or lock them up. Seems this will also keep the cost down.

    I want to maximize price and quality (best quality/functionality for cheapest price).

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've recently purchased a Yakima Double Down Ace rack and have been pretty satisfied. It came with a anti sway bolt which requires a 19mm socket to wrench it onto the hitch keeping it pretty sturdy. It also can drop forward while installed to allow my rear tailgate to lift up on my suburban. (I've even done it with the bike attached but wouldn't recommend that with multiple bikes on it.)

    I'd recommend you review your bike frame first. I have a 16" frame with the toptube that angles down. When installed my rear tire is up really high. This has caused the wind to push on the bike and shift it on the rack a bit. Not anything to be concerned about but worth mentioning. Also, if you have a full suspension bike, this may post a problem installing as the rear shock may get in the way. Fitting two bikes is a snap and even oddly shaped bikes or smaller bikes can be adapted but fitting four does get tricky and will require time adjusting and maneuvering as you're installing them. Here's a couple pictures to give you an idea of what all I'm talking about.

    All in all, I feel very comfortable and confident when the bikes are installed and going down the highway.

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    the rack above is not a doubledown ace, rather just a doubledown 4. still a good rack. the ace has some small improvements but none affect functionality.

    It sounds like your bikes would be fine on a hanging style bike rack like the photos above. for your potential FS bike, you may need a frame adapter, but that's not the end of the world and certainly there are ways to get creative mounting the bike - without compromising the safety and security of the rack.

    I would have a look at the Thule Vertex Swing, The Yakima Swingdaddy and the Yakima Doubledown Ace 4. If you want the access to the back of the Odyssey with bikes loaded, then your swing racks will be the best bet. However, if you plan on keeping the rack on all the time and find yourself needing to get in and out of the back while you're not hauling bikes, the swingaway racks are more cumbersome.

    hope that helps....I'm happy to answer any other questions about any of these racks.

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    I like really like my North Shore Racks NSR-4. It's the best bike rack I have used and is super simple to rack up just about any type of MTB. You don't need to adjust the rack for different sized wheels or frames, just drop the fork crown into the fork on the rack and use the rope to tie down the rear wheel. It wont carry most road bikes and will only fit some rigid fork bikes on it. It will take just about any suspension fork bike though. My 20" wheeled BMX bike fits fine. I also don't own any road bikes so it fits my needs.

    On my 2006 Honda Pilot.


    Up and ready for bikes.

    With 4 bikes mounted.

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