Anyone use them? I've got a 97 Honda Accord that I'll be mounting a draw-tite hitch to, and then a Yakima rack to that. The mfg instructions for the hitch say you should use an auxiliary strap (one of those goofy little straps that wraps around the hitch and hooks to the trunk near the rear window). Seems likes its overkill. I've noticed that a lot of the newer (i.e. >1997) sedan style, class 1 hitches indicated auxiliary straps should be used, probably just because the moment arm is pretty long. I'm guessing most people don't use the strap but, in the searches I've done, nobody's really mentioned it.

So, who's using a hitch rack on a sedan?

Are you using an auxiliary strap?

Have you seen any issues, either with the hitch or with the mounting points?

How many bikes are you loading on your hitch?

What's the estimated combined weight of the rack and bikes?

Thanks in advance.