I've just received my Frontloader from Rackattack and also just finished installing it on Whisbars. I've read some reviews on it and it got me worried a lil bit. There's one guy that had his Frontloader main pivot cracked while on the freeway and his bike came loose. I'm new to roof mount racks and after putting my 35lb Nomad on it and gave it a lil side to side push, it does flex side to side that i don't feel so secure about it.

I also thought of the possibility that the reason people are breaking their Frontloader around the main pivot is over tightening the red wheel clamp knob. How tight are these red knobs have to be? Instructions only said to tighten it all the way.

I'm considering the Thule Sidearm instead but i really like the ease of putting on and off the Frontloader on your car.