I'm looking to add a hitch rack on to my '03 Forester. Currently i have a Kuat Vagabond roof rack which I love, however it limits my wife and i to taking either kayaks or bikes when we go camping. Currently, the Fullswing/Swingdaddy are pretty high on my list as i like that we could keep the bikes on the rack when camping and still have easy access to loading/unloading.

1.) I'm still a little unclear as to what the differences is are between the two, seems like some sites show each with the same exact stock photo only the swingdaddy is $100 cheaper.

2.) Do these perform well longterm? I'm not driving through mountain passes and the honest truth is most of my time driving to trails is on the high way. I don't worry about departure angles or any of that...I just don't want the swing feature to be a selling gimick that wears out after a year and becomes another weak joint in the rack.

3.) Im not against a platform rack, however i do like the though of having nothing in the way when wanting to sit down after a ride. I'm not overly concerned about bikes bumping into each other on the road (mine aren't show queens...i'm proud of their battle scars ). And i realize that this type of rack may not fit 4 "full size" mountain bikes...but other than those things, any main reasons as to why a tray would be better?

Any thoughts or insight from experience would be appreciated.