• 11-25-2009
    Any Nissan Navara Owners out there?
    Hey there,
    Need to get a truck for work, im not going to be the daily driver of it but will use it on weekends to lug my rig around. Was wondering if anyones got experience of the Nissan Navara and what your opinions are of them. The pay load seems to be large enough but what bike rack are you using with it?
  • 11-26-2009
    Great trucks, hard to go wrong with them. I'm guessing where you live they are available with the 4 cyl diesel, which kinda makes them a million times better.
  • 11-26-2009
    I'm in the US and have the Frontier Crewcab with the V6. It is a great truck with a few issues, all of which were taken care of for free by Nissan. I wish we had the option of getting the 4-cyl diesel here (better mileage).

    I built my own bike rack from parts bought at the local hardware store, but you can buy off the shelf systems from yakima, thule, etc. for carrying bikes in the bed.

    Great truck
  • 11-27-2009
    Cheers Fred, Just went out for a test drive in one and have to say very impressed! D.I.Y. rack in the back sounds a sweet idea. I drove the 4 pot diesel and the pull was mega!
  • 11-27-2009
    Now buy it and do a solid axle swap!

    He makes it in the end.
  • 11-29-2009
    The positive and negative of these trucks is that they are built like a tank. Crawl under one and you will notice that the tie rods, driveline, axles, etc. are really beefy. The driveline diameter on my Frontier is larger than the one on my dad's diesel Dodge 2500. The negative is that it takes power and torque to push the extra weight around.

    Another reason I liked this truck is that all of the drivetrain is proven based on several years of manufacturing. I think they worked all of the major bugs out, with a few exceptions however. But like I said, those few exceptions were paid for by Nissan with no problems.

    With the crew cab, I can load two to four bikes and take two to four people to the trail....with them pitching in some gas money of course.:D
  • 11-30-2009
    Awesome, looks like a great set up! Are those used for rock crawling? I think mine would be better suited to curb.........Climbing (curb crawling is something entirely different :-) here in London. They are pretty strict on where you can take off road trucks here :-( Dont Fox make shocks for those aswel?!?!?!

    Uhoh........feel like another expensive hobby on the horizon :thumbsup:
  • 12-03-2009
    What year are you looking at? The current gen Navara/Frontier/Xterra has weaker differentials compared to the previous gen, despite being heavier and more powerful. Cracked front diff cases have been known when off roaded. Check thenewx.org.

    The new gen front ring size is 180mm, rear is 226mm at the most. The old gen front ring size is 200mm, and 233mm rear (V6 option). The old gen had the same rear axle as a Nissan Patrol. If going off road, I would buy a used Patrol before a new Navara. City driving and light off road is a different issue.

    I typed all of this before realizing the OP is in London. Buy a Nissan Micra. :D

    Don't bother with a solid axle swap, get one from the factory

    What a truck should sound like