Recently purchased this rack off of Amazon, link here:

She's cheap. It seems pretty sturdy. Man was I nervous the first ride, though I only used it twice so far. I put two bikes on it, really push that 70lb weight limit, honestly I think I'm over that. Probably better suited as a strong single-bike mount. Hasn't moved when it's on the car, though I have been trying to take it easy when it's on there.

One thing I don't like is that if you mount it with the straps all on the outside, I don't feel safe leaving it on there when I'm not with the car. Someone could easily take it. Adds to setup/teardown time, but at least I know I'll be able to get my bike home. Something you can do though, and I'm going to, is run the straps to the inside and hook into the metal of the trunk lid. Most lids have holes in them behind the fabric, I know mine does, so that should leave it a bit more secure. Someone could still cut the straps, but I don't think many people will, since the hooks aren't common. I guess I'll find out though.

Just wanted to toss this out as an inexpensive solution. Anyone else have it?