Be advised:Thule hitch mount recall-
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    Be advised:Thule hitch mount recall

    Hey everyone I got a letter in the mail from Thule a week ago. I posted it on my Subaru forum and by the responses I got there (nobody knew about it), I am posting it here. I searched but did not find anything.

    This is a copy of the letter I got, you can see it yourself at

    Re: Hitching Post Pro (934, 934xt, 935, 935xt, 936, 936xt, 937, 937xt, 951, 951xt)
    Expressway (995, 995xt, 996, 996xt)
    Trailblazer (998, 998xt)

    Dear Thule Hitch Rack Owner:

    This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

    Thule has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in our Hitching Post Pro (934, 934xt, 935, 935xt, 936, 936xt, 937, 937xt, 951, 951xt), Expressway (995, 995xt, 996, 996xt), and Trailblazer (998, 998xt) hitch mounted bike racks sold during the 2003-2007 period. We are recalling these racks because a pinch point exists between the bike arm bracket and the upright assembly which has the potential of causing severe personal injury, including laceration or amputations to the user’s fingertips or hand when the bike arm bracket is moved to its down position. Because this could happen without warning, it is important that you stop using the rack immediately. At all times, keep your hands and fingers away from the area between the bike arm bracket and the upright assembly.

    Please review the following instructions on how to obtain a free repair kit. We are planning to have sufficient repair kits and replacement units available to satisfy the requirements of this recall without delay or inconvenience. We will provide a repair kit that will allow you to insert a bumper and a warning label to the pinch point location. To obtain your kit, please call us at 1-800-THULE 91 (800-848-5391), provide us your name and address, and follow the instructions to install the additional parts. You can also visit for more information. If you have incurred any cost for remedies in advance of this notification please contact the toll free number listed above for reimbursement. Reasonable supporting documentation will be requested.

    This improvement is necessary to correct the identified problem and provide the superior quality reflected in the Thule brand products we are privileged to provide. If we fail to or are unable to remedy the defect at no charge, you may submit a complaint to the Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1200 New Jersey Ave, SE, Washington, DC 20590 or call the toll free Vehicle Safety Hotline at 888-327-
    4236 (TTY: 1–800–424–9153); or go to Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We highly value you as a committed Thule customer and
    want to maintain your confidence and support of our entire line of car rack systems.

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    I only found out about this recall when I was at REI. They had the letter posted in their rack section. I called today and they will be sending me the repair kit within 3 days. Thanks for letting others know.

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    I got the letter as well.

    Has anyone else been able to get ahold of Thule? The direct line given in the letter doesn't seem to work. Neither does the link on the product recall page of their website.

    I'm pretty disgusted with Thule. I eventually got in touch with REI where I bought the rack and they managed to get a kit in the mail to me.

    BTW, I like the rack very much. It's worked well for 3 years and I'm not even sure that a real problem exists. How do you manage to get your fingers in the pinch point in the first place? But I do think Thule could be easier to contact.

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    I got the letter and have been in contact with Thule since my daughter almost lost her finger due to this bad design.

    It can happen by grabbing the upright post with one hand and pulling out the pin with the other hand. The bike support arms then swing down onto the hand holding the upright post. My 9 year old daughter was trying to be helpful in getting the arms down. Luckily, her finger works for the most part but it is very easy to have happen. Obviously, my daughter is not the only victim of this design.

    Try call the customer support line then they will put in in touch with anyone you want to talk to about this matter. REI will also take the bike rack back for original cost.


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