20mm Fork Up with Lock?

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  • 10-09-2009
    20mm Fork Up with Lock?
    Hi Folks,

    Does anyone make a Fork Up adapter for a 20mm thru axle that locks? the only one i've found is the Flytrap, but it looks to be discontinuer.

    Was thinking either the Hurricane or the Yakima versions, but doesn't look like you can lock it.

    A new rack seems to be $100+ and i don't mind taking the front wheel off. I've got a Maxle so its really easy.

    edit: btw, i've got the trunk rack, but its not secure and its more of a PITA to take on and off than taking the wheel on and off. I want to be able to go into a store and not worry about my bike getting stolen.

  • 10-09-2009
    Hurricane Jeff
    There is an easy answer to your question. Since I designed the Fork Up for both Hurricane and now for Yakima, I knew that there would be no effective locking system, so I have used and recommended a short cable with a loop on each end. I have made some for myself, but Kryptonite makes one that works perfectly.How I use the cable is, I make a noose around the downtube and put the open loop through the leg of the Fork Up, then I use the locking mechinism on my rack to lock it.
    If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me.
  • 10-11-2009
    Its 2009
    Theres gotta be something better. I use and love my fork up, but locking with the cable sux.

    With so many bikes going to through axles these days you would think some genius would come up with something......
  • 10-12-2009
    Hurricane Jeff
    The problem is that fork manufacturers use a different method on their 20mm axles. If each fork could use any 20 mm axle regardless of manufacturer, the solution would be a simple one. Then, when you throw in forks like the C-Dale Lefty, S-Works 25mm and the new QR15, we find it almost impossible to manufacture a locking system for each, at least at a cost that would not be ridiculous.
    I disagree that using a cable sucks, I think in most applications, it provides more security than the locking mechs of the rack companies.
  • 10-12-2009
    The flytrap was discontinued last time I checked. Shame too as they are wonderful and just what you're looking for. You may be able to find one by calling around and seeing if anyone has one still on the shelf. A quick scan of Ebay didn't turn up anything. Maybe if we're lucky Rocky Mounts will bring that design back. I went to their factory looking for a 2nd one right around the time they were discontinued and they told me that the "industry was moving to 15QR" or some such nonsense. Oh well.
  • 10-13-2009
    Hurricane Jeff
    No, I'm pretty sure the truth is they are/ were infringing upon a patent held by Hurricane. I believe the current owner of Hurricane has sent out notices to all who have infringed. Back in the day when I owned Hurricane, I had sent letters to a few companies myself, I would think the current ower would have done the same.
    Not trying to bring up legal issues, but a patent is a patent and you cant blame a patent holder to protect what is his.
    I'm not connected with Hurricane in anyway other then being the former owner and patent holder. I still have a emotional bond to Hurricane in which I started back in 1996. I sold Hurricane back in 2003.