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    2011 CRV - How much will a loaded 4 bike platform affect the ride/handling?

    Question is in the title.

    Seems like with 4 bikes hanging out there there's a lot of weight on a long lever arm?

    Will this be a PITA for a 5 state road trip?

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    I would check the tongue weight capacity on the factory hitch before loading 4 bikes up. It is a unibody vehicle.

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    I have an Element (close enough to a CR-V) and its tongue weight is 150lbs. I've had 4 bikes on a hanging rack and it drives fine, albeit heavy with the corresponding guys to said bikes.
    4 bikes on a platform rack with a 2" hitch will put a lot of stress on the unibody as the rack extends out very far. Tough call, I wouldn't do it.

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    all of the hitches i see for that vehicle have either a 350 or 200 pound tongue weight based on class III and class I hitches respectively.

    if you plan on doing 4 bikes on a platform rack, you must have a 2" receiver (class III) hitch installed already, and in that case, you're fine.

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    Well, I ordered a Curt Class 3 hitch with some points I had from Cabelas. Still looking at racks. About 1/2 way decided on the Swagman XTC4, but I'd really like to fondle one first. Swagman has an updated version coming out, but there's no reviews and precious few places to buy one as of yet.

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    You wont notice the weight.. you dont really wanna be driving all crazy with a few grand of bikes hanging off the back of your car though.

    I have a swagman for 2 bikes and its just fine. I cant imagine spending 3-4x as much for something that does the same thing. Good enough!

    Heres a little kona/mazda action! I drive it like theres nothing back there.. zero impact on handling. A heavier vehicle with a little more weight would be similar.
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    I have the same rack as above. How old is yours? The one on mine the bottom is capped off and the pull pin is on the other side. I don't really understand why there is a pull pin there when there are two screws holding it in to keep it from wobbling. It also has some swagman stickers on it.

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