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    1Up 1.25" Single rack with 2 extensions (3 bikes total)?

    Went to Bentonville last year (full day of driving, 80MPH) with 2 bikes on my 1Up, the base unit and one extension tray.

    According to their website I could add a second tray that would allow me to get 3 bikes on the back of the car.

    Has anyone done this? Is it advisable? I'd have to have $15K of bikes fall off at full speed.

    According to the website it is supported, just want to know if anyone has real life experiences.
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    yeah tons of people run 2 or 3. I usually run 2 but i have a third tray too. it's not a problem at all and I would even consider running a 4th even though that's not officially acceptable.

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    I have 3 trays, but it's a double with one extension. You're asking about a single with two additional racks, and I assume you're questioning it because the racks are bolted to each other versus a solid one piece frame for the first two racks. Like you said, 1up supports that config, and based on their quality and support, I'd do it. But, I'd put the heaviest bike on the inside, lightest on the outside. I'd also get their add-on lock (https://www.1up-usa.com/product/add-on-lock/). I use it on my extension. Not so much for security as it is peace of mind knowing that bolt isn't coming out. Also, although I don't do it, I might consider a non permanent thread lock with your setup. But then... I've never had any bolt or nut come lose on my 1up.
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