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    1 up usa bike rack question and decision help

    1 up usa bike rack.

    So I am buying a new bike rack from 1 up usa however I am in a little dilemma. Options. Options. Options.

    So I have a two-inch hitch on truck and my dilemma is I want to at least have two trays for 2 bikes however I am not sure how many bikes I will want to be able to carry in the future. With that said do I go with the 11/4 with the 2 inch extension or add on the kits to add bikes which is only good for a max of 3 bikes or go with the heavy duty 2 inch which comes with 2 trays right away and then I can the kits on for a max of 4 bikes later. Just having a hard time which is the best option to go with! Also any pictures of your setups would be great!!! inch and a quarter comes in silver and black where the heavy duty 2 inch only comes in silver.

    Any insight would be helpful. I am not sure but does anyway know if the heavy dutys difference is just the two inch hitch and comes with two right away in which one is a kit or is it two that cannot be taken apart if I only want to travel with one bike!

    Thanks for the help!

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    Maybe I'm missing the logic. If you already have a 2-inch hitch, why would you buy anything other than the 2--inch version of the rack?

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    You make a great point however the 2 inch only comes in silver and is more expensive. The other part is I am debating if I will ever need to have 4 trays for 4 bikes... Just trying to get everyone's opinion on what they went with since 2 inch hitches are common

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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