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    Taking the Dog - Surly Big Dummy

    Looking for help in design ideas for building out my Big Dummy.

    My dog (55 lbs shepard/sheltie) goes to work with me every day for the last year and hence my commute by bike has died.

    I bought a BD frame and now am working on concepts for how to carry the dog!

    First off I need Dummy Rails. . . They are out of stock until some time next year. Any thoughts on tubing/pipe that would be best for a custom build? If it is going to require bending vs bolt together then I am also open to advice on tools to bend the tube/pipe for a one time use off hand project!

    Dog Carry Ideas:

    1) Side Carry
    Ideally I can do a side crate on the rear with side loaders and a box. Think 3 sided box with a harness hook in front where he can rear load by walking in. Maybe even a fold up door in back?
    Taking the Dog - Surly Big Dummy-bike4.jpg
    Taking the Dog - Surly Big Dummy-564a1db5e72df5741c2aac84a623e66a.jpg
    Taking the Dog - Surly Big Dummy-screen-shot-2019-05-24-12.04.37-pm.jpg
    +easy to load (low to ground and could potentially support the bike)
    -side load = harder to balance while riding.

    2) Top Carry
    Top box of some style on top of the rear rack. It seems that everything I've seen for touring set ups has reflected this approach.
    Taking the Dog - Surly Big Dummy-lft2.jpg
    Taking the Dog - Surly Big Dummy-file-hkjsuofb6x.jpg
    Taking the Dog - Surly Big Dummy-dogs-bike-ride.jpg

    +easy to build
    +easy to fit through doorways
    +balanced load?
    -Harder to load (I would have to get the dog to jump 3' up in to an unstable bike
    -higher center of gravity

    3) Side Car
    It would have to be DIY as they don't seem to make this anymore, but it is a cool concept. I would have a more motorcycle esq build to it with a front panel if I could figure out how to put a harness mount and still make it fold up to fit through a doorway. . .
    Taking the Dog - Surly Big Dummy-bike3.jpg

    +style points for dayz
    +super stable
    +easy to load
    - super unwieldly
    - lots of custom work. . .

    I know I'm reaching for more pictures and inspiration here, but if anyone has any thoughts I would enjoy hearing more ideas.
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    I would put the dog on the top. I would feel better with him in line with me and up away from cars if they got too close. Plus there's the balance thing.
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    Would you please tell me how big the BFD platform is?

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