FreeRadical No Longer In Production-
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    FreeRadical No Longer In Production

    Full information is on Xtracycle's website FREERADICAL ? XTRACYCLE and to summarize:

    1) Production of FreeRadicals has ended. They are sold out. Some dealers might have a few in stock if you want one.

    2) Xtracycle appears to be 2 years into the development of a next-gen FreeRadical, but without an estimated time to market.

    3) The FreeRadical's success contributed largely to the growth and maturity of the cargo bike market and this has become part of it's downfall. 15 years ago if you wanted a cargo bike you bolted on a FR; today you choose among an array of purpose-built bikes.

    4) Xtracycle tweeted that there will be a chat with Ross-the-Founder this Friday to discuss what's next for the FR.

    At Interbike 2012 Xtracycle exhibited what seems like a concept for a FR replacement - called the Leap. As quickly as it appeared thought it disappeared. You can see some pics and words here.

    Back in 2009 Xtracycle provided a "Heavy Duty FreeRadical" prototype for some clowns to test, but it seems like that never matured into a consumer product either.

    Has anyone else seen any news about the future of this product?

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    That's too bad, I always liked the FR as a potential option for a standard frame instead of a trailer. It may not be as heavyduty, but you could swap it out when not in use like a trailer, which I saw as an advantage.
    I don't know why,... it's just MUSS easier to pedal than the other ones.

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    XC just announced the MegaRack which looks a lot like the "Loop" product from interbike 2012. CAD image here. will fit wheel sizes from 24 to 29+

    time to market: "We have a lot of hoops to jump through still" First run available in late fall 2015

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    Ross Evans (Xtracycle Founder) discussing the future of the FreeRadical on youtube here

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    Another video from Xtracycle with more details on what is no longer known as the megarack

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