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    Spectral the Leatherman in Canyon's lineup?

    Howdy folks,

    Loooong time lurker here. Finally deciding to make the jump into dirt from a few years or road. Being a hands on guy, I have settled into Canyon for the solid value of their bikes.

    I have landed into the Spectral as what appears to me to be the bike for my needs. I am going to mainly be riding "WI Singletrack" and unmanaged northern forest dirt roads with a pack on to hit the next fishing spot (mini bikepacking adventures). During the week I would be riding with our family on our local trails and neighborhoods.

    I have no idea where my dirt desires are going to take me into the future. My only concern with the bike would be that I would loose a ton of pedaling efficiency over a lesser travel bike like say the Neuron.

    What do you fine folks of the all knowing inter webs think of my thoughts on choosing the Spectral over the Neuron?


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    I own both the Spectral and the Lux. They are two very different bikes. If I was to replace the two bikes and go with only one, I would go for the Neuron.
    The Spectral is «a lot of bike», and I feel that I need a descent or pretty tech’y terrain to really enjoy it to the full.
    The Neuron, being the in between bike compared to Lux and Spectral, will probably give you a better time on easy stuff and fire roads while still being able to cope with both technical terrain and steep descends.

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