I have the Canyon Spectral CFR 9.0 SL 2019. With carbon rear triangle. Purchased 3 month ago.

I continue getting loose pivot bearings near the rear axle. It feels like normal play in the bearings, but it appears they come loose in their press fit assembly.
The bearings are flanged on one side and are pressed in like a mini BB pressfit. They almost can get pulled out and in again with fingers press. This is the third of seat stay now and I have loose bearings again.

Canyon Service and Support has been great so far. They have so far, send me two new complete rear triangles( chain/seatstay sets) now. (come in a whole assembly with chain and stay together). But, now after this third set of seat stays, they want me to send the bike in.

What the heck is going on? Anyone else here with a 2018/2019 Spectral CFR?

Could you please check your CFR for play in rear triangle?

You can feel the play when standing on the left of the bike, while holding the front brake with left hand, you flex the rear wheel with you right hand from side to side. It feels like if the rear axle isn't tightened properly, but of course it is.

I've tried with Loctite 638 compound, but it only works temporarily.