• 05-24-2015
    Grand Canyon CF SL 6.9 vs 7.9
    Hello everyone.

    I need a little help from you deciding which bike is more worth the money.
    So here's the models:
    https://www.canyon.com/en/mountainbi...ke.html?b=3648 2200Euro

    https://www.canyon.com/en/mountainbi...ke.html?b=3650 1800Euro

    is it worth to pay 400 more for what it offers ?
    Most important is Fork and brakes, maybe its better to take cheaper model and upgrade after ?

    Thank you all for your answers :)
  • 05-24-2015
    The FIT damper in the 7.9 fork is pretty much mandatory and a FIT4 damper will be standard in all the 16 products. It would cost you $250.
    I would prefer the XT brakes.
    The wheels have good hubs with ratchets that can be upgraded to 36t from Hibike. The rims are skinny and you would see a significant performance benefit in my experience from relacing them with 30mm inside rims from one of the carbon rim suppliers like Carbonbicycle or Lightbicycle.