Does Canyon ever have sales?-
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    Does Canyon ever have sales?

    And if they do is it site wide type of stuff or do they do bike specific.

    I am buying a new bike and Neuron is on the shortlist. I'm not in a huge rush so if they do a sale I can wait.

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    They do not have sitewide sales. In the outlet section they will have last years models on clearance. Also in the outlet are returned bikes at a discount. Often these bikes were purchased and found to be the wrong size so they get returned without being ridden. But I don’t think you can return a bike purchased in the outlet section, but it does have full warranty. I just purchased a Neuron from the outlet that was returned, it was $700 cheaper. It has absolutely no signs of use at all.

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    They do have sales. I saw Canyon USA and Canyon UK had spring sales. I actually got my bike during the sale and saved about 6%.

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    Here in australia , they usually have a big sale with all stock left, just before the new seasons stock comes in ,

    Usually sometime before Xmas

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    They have sales often, just subscribe to their email ads. They just put everything back up to full price recently on the USA site. They also seem to magically come up with new old stock pretty often if you watch the outlet.

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