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    Creaking Strive sorted

    So my Strive has been making some horrible creaking noises. I've changed out the bottom bracket, cleaned and regreased the cranks and regreased the pedals all to no avail.

    Today I separated the rear triangle, picked the seals off each of the bearings I found and repacked them with grease as well as giving everything a good clean and lube. All the bearings were pretty dry and gritty. Problem seems to be solved.

    Can't help but wonder why bearings with such little grease (or poor grease) are specced on suspension linkages. Bike was new in February and has mainly be used in dryish conditions (Sydney, Australia) with only one properly wet ride (I used to live in North Wales so know what properly wet rides are!!). It doesn't get jetwashed or anything.

    I know some folks have done what I've done today when they received the bike and based on what I've seen today I'd definitely recommend it as time well spent.

    Looking forward to some less noisy rides for a bit!

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    Sorry to say but this is typical factory assembly quality control - some OK, some not. My Strive 9.0 (2016) was fine with grease on those pivots and headset. As numerous industry writers over the years have said, when its new don't expect adequate greasing. Motorcycles are the same way. My Japenense dirt bikes over the years (Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda) were nearly dry in the linkage and headtube. Just need to pull it apart and lather it up. My two Harleys to my surprise were adequately greased. 'Mercian made I guess.
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    I just bought a Strive in February also, and I got a little creaking about a month later. Turned out just to be the suspension bolts loosening, actually a few weren't as tight as they should have been. Torqued them to the correct specs, and all was fine until last week. Caught another creak, was the bottom suspension bolt that attaches the chain stay to the main frame. It was torqued properly at the time, so I took it off and cleaned it and put a little grease on there. No noises now.

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    Rode today in the rain at Plenty Gorge and the creaking has gone.

    All my bolts seemed correctly tightened. The bolts were regreased and loctited during reassembly after repacking the bearings. With 8 bearings and 5 bolts getting some love it's difficult to know exactly which of them the annoying noise was coming from.

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    As has been said, that unfortunately is how a lot of bearings come, doesn't matter the application,always a good idea to pop the seals on new bearings to make sure they've got a good amount of good grease in them.
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