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    Canyon Strive Cockpit Setup

    I'm going to drill into the topic of setting up the Strive cockpit, and the steps you should plan on taking when you order and receive the bike. Credit out to fellow contributor iggs, who has some experience with this and posts solutions that can be found in other threads related to the Strive.

    Bottom line up front: plan on changing the Reverb Remote, and the hose routing from the right hand position above the shifter levers to a left hand position. Don't force yourself to adapt to the right-handed dropper remote Canyon provides - its a poor setup. Re-configuring the remote will require a few things from you:

    1) Mechanical aptitude for removing the Reverb remote, installing a new remote for the left side and bleeding the system. You will lose fluid when you relocate the hose to the other side.
    2) Tolerance for dealing with the tedious task of switching the internal hose routing to the port on the other side of the frame
    3) As mentioned in #1, you will have to purchase another remote that will function on the left side.

    For those that want to simply accept the out-of-the-box spec and cockpit setup, I will try and discourage that. Here is my argument for mounting the dropper remote on the left and spending the time and money to do so:

    - You have a new control to learn already: the Shapeshifter. That requires its own learning curve and adoption. Its very important - learning how to ride a Strive is like learning two bikes.
    - It is common for MTB Riders to routinely adjust the seat post height while riding. This is especially relevant where trails change often from up to down (rolling terrain)
    - MTB Riders should be routinely shifting gears while riding in order to stay in their ideal cadence. Again, most relevant where trails change gradient often.
    - If you consider those last two points together, riders should be shifting gears and adjusting the seatpost height at nearly the same times. This requires two hands, and requires the dropper remote to be on the left, opposite the shifters.

    It is puzzling to me that the Strive is not delivered with a left hand dropper remote. Same confusion exists as to why the online reviews from BikeRadar and Enduro-MTB refer to the Strive cockpit as "perfect", and "satisfies" all of their desires". Bike Radar's picture shows the Shapeshifter lever mounted inboard of an inverted, right handed Reverb plunger-style remote flipped over to the left side. The Shapeshifter lever is not within reach here, it's a bad idea. I checked this setup as an option - its not good and you still have to flip the hose routing to achieve this.

    So, bite the bullet. By a new Reverb remote and plan on reworking this cockpit yourself. The options I've seen that work, one from iggs and one from me:
    1) Buy the Reverb 1X Remote for about $95
    2) Find a left handed REverb A2 / B1 remote and save a few bucks.

    Based on what I see and read from iggs, option 1 is the way to go. But, if you're like me and just want to use what you've got laying around the garage - here is what Option 2 looks like.
    Canyon Strive Cockpit Setup-strive-cockpit.jpg

    PS: The Strive is magic. It is worth the effort

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    Thanks for starting this topic. I agree I think itís important to get these bikes set up right but there are some challenges

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    Being British I have always ridden Ďmotoí with my right hand controlling my front brake My Strive came with the front on the left, dropper on the right, shapeshifter on the left.

    I describe in detail switching it all around to suit my needs in this topic

    Setting up my Strive cable/hose routing for right hand front brake 'moto' styleee

    My final set up is with my Reverb dropper using a 1x lever on the left and the shapeshifter mounted on the outside of the lever bracket.

    This left hand set up feels very intuitive. The 1x Reverb lever is really nice to use and I notice I use it a lot more than the original plunger style lever.

    The shapeshifter lever is in just the right place too. Distinct enough in its location for no mistakes but right there for easy use. I donít need to move my hands at all even using the maximum width of the bars

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