• 05-31-2019
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    Canyon sender cf 27 snapped. Warranty - bad experience
    Well, i faced some troubles.
    My sender was broken after 1st ride. Hit bushguard and mount cracked. Warranty denied... F**k

    I was riding straight forward, noticed a rock and tried to roll over. I tried to unload suspension and minimize pressure on bike at that moment. And here we are..

    CRP: CRP offer is 1700 euro for new frame. I did not get it - i thought CRP offers some discount for replacement?

    Warranty: Decision about warranty was made by canyon even without frame expertise. They just took a look at the photo and said "Ok. Bashguard was hit from side and frame is not ready for such pressures. No warranty".
    Info for future owners of this brand.

    Uhh, i'm so dissapointed, worst beginning of season.
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  • 06-01-2019
    Warranties are for covering manufacturing defects, etc.; things that are their fault. The crash replacement offerings are for things like this where it is undeniably your fault. I understand that you are bummed, but in this case you need to own the responsibility and not blame Canyon, or any manufacturer, for something that was caused by your decision/actions. If you are going to have a bike like that and ride it like it can be ridden, things are going to fail and it is going to be expensive. Fact of life.
  • 06-01-2019
    While normally one to question people for breaking frames/parts, this time I'm going to have to side with the OP on this one. If they make those tabs that are sposed to take a bash guard, do they not expect the guard to not get hit, sometimes really fvcking hard? I'd call that a design defect. If you're in Europe I would fight that, they (the law) tend to look out for the consumer much more there than in N.America when it comes to this sort of stuff.
  • 06-01-2019
    If you hit your rim on a rock really f'ing hard and crack it would you blame the manufacturer and say it is a defect? You were using it as intended, but it wasn't a manufacturing defect. It was a speed+rock=user responsibility. If it was something like a crack at a spoke hole after a few months of riding on a properly built wheel, then sure, I think you have a valid warranty claim.

    We pay so much for this stuff these days that when something fails it punches us in the gut. It is an understandable reaction to try and find a reason beyond what we did because it felt like we were using it in a normal way, but hauling ass down hard trails is hard on equipment and it just won't always survive.
  • 06-02-2019
    Plastic + rocks = bad.
  • 06-03-2019
    A. Rider
    Man, that would piss me off so much.

    So the bashguard protected the chain and chainring, but the frame failed? Why have a bash guard at all if that's an expected outcome?
  • 06-03-2019
    Yeah, exactly. And i understand if that happened after a season or two< okay. But in a first day? come on!
  • 06-03-2019
    I'm surprised they don't offer you a big(ger) discount on the replacement. Have you thought about getting it repaired? it might be worth asking about--ruckuscomp.com etc...
  • 06-09-2019
    Thank you for advice! Will find some local guys who can do this.
    So expensive expirience :D
  • 06-11-2019
    When I check the prices listed for Crash Replacement on Canyon.com the price you are offered is the same as stated there.
    From what I see, it looks like that bash guard took a SERIOUS beating! No frame / bash guard mounts are designed to withstand a crash with a rock that actually chews pieces out of the bashguard...
    IMHO Canyon are doing what their crash replacement deal says they will do.
    Yes, it sucks when you crash your new bike, but itís just part of the risk you take when doing what you love doing...

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