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    New question here. Cable grommet issue

    Hi everyone -- I need some help! I just got a brand new Canyon Neuron Al 6.0. It arrived without a shock pump, a washer missing from one of the stem bolts, and a damaged "grommet" where the rear derailleur cable enters the frame from the right shift shifter.

    Canyon is sending a shock pump, a washer, and a new "grommet". Their support seemed good -- answered right away on a Saturday morning and said they'll have the parts shipped out Monday. I'm mostly concerned about the "grommet".

    I popped the "grommet" out and found it was pretty mangled up. I tried to "slide" it up the shift cable but it wouldn't budge. I figured I have to get it out somehow to replace it, so I carefully slit the plastic with a utility knife and removed it. Now I see that it is NOT actually a simple "grommet" for the cable to pass through at all and I'm not sure what to do.

    The shift cable inside the frame is bare wire, so this "grommet" actually HOLDS the end of the cable housing/jacket before it switches to bare wire. With it in place, the rear shifter doesn't move the rear derailleur at all since nothing is holding the cable tight.

    Assuming I get a replacement part next week, I have no idea how to install it. It appears I would need to slide it onto the bare cable from the rear derailleur side. However, the cable exits the bottom bracket and transitions back to having a black housing/jacket. So I'm not sure how you would possibly install this part.

    It's #32 in this exploded diagram ( and I also attached a picture of the damaged one before I removed it.

    Cable grommet issue-img_0749.jpg

    Any ideas? I've never had a bike with internally routed cables so I'm lost. Thinking about just sending it back if this is going to be a nightmare since it's brand new. Thanks!

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    Found a video that answered most of my questions:

    It seems like this special plastic "grommet" holding the brake cable isn't the best design since there's no where to get them from except Canyon. Other frames (like the one in the video) seem to have a spot for a regular ferrule. That seems much better as I don't think there are any special/proprietary parts needed.

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