• 09-24-2019
    Another Strive sizing help request

    Im looking to finally buy Strive CF 7.0 after raiding down my hardtail for a long time.
    Canyon website is suggesting size 'S' frame (Im 5'8" tall, inseam 31") I never have Canyon before, but all my bikes were in size 'M' as suggested by bike shops or manufacturer sizing charts.
    I contacted CS and they said that 'M' frame SHOULD be fine.:madman:
    Looks like I'm right on the border between sizes.
    I read everything related to Strive sizing on this forum but look's like everyone is taller than me ;) and have problems with bigger size frames.

    If any of Strive owners could give me some input would be great!

  • 09-24-2019
    I looked on a few of the euro websites and found peeps in my range (61) and went with their suggestion. I think canyons are a little more popular over there. One thing that is consistent from a recommendation is if your right between sizes, go with the larger if you like a longer wheel base and more stability. If you go the smaller size it will be more poppy but you may need to look at a slightly longer stem if youre feeling crowded.