Hi there,

I've been out of the scene for several years and lots have changed, so trying to soak it all in. Hoping someone can clarify some stuff.

I'm assuming the CF 7 is a 2019 model and CF 8 is the old 2018.

They are identical bikes except for the 160 travel. I use to have a v1 Bronson w/ 150 pike and I loved it, but I'm not sure with more modern geo if 160 is just as capable or if I should go with the 2018 because it has the 160MM.

Can the Pike on the CF 7 be dropped to 150 should I want?

Other than the most of the components are the same, except fro dropper, shocks and wheelset. Does one model have particularly better equipment?



I also remember seeing a bunch of frame issues with 2018's have they been resolved or are the 2019's suffering same problems?