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    2019 Canyon Confusion

    After a long hiatus i got back into biking in 2018. Totally addicted again. Picked up my first ever road bike and now I've been focusing on a mountain bike. I had it narrowed down to the Spectral and then they updated the travel......

    I understand the Neuron, heck it may even be the better fit for my riding and the trails around here. But where do the Spectral and the Strive fall now relative to each other?I

    Same travel, 27.5 vs 29, Strive gets the variable geometry, Spectral is slightly lighter when comparing equivalent "trim" levels. Strive seems to be touted as the Enduro bike and Spectral as the aggressive trail bike. Which is the better all rounder? I wont be gravity oriented for a while, but I also won't be going on extra long all day XC rides. Most of the terrain around here is rocky, short steep climbs and the same for descents. Which will climb better? Which makes everyone look like a better rider?

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    I would go with the Neuron for the kind of riding you are describing. The Spectral is a lot of bike... many people have a tendency to buy bikes in accordance to how they wish they ride, not to how they actually ride.

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    I've considered the Neuron or a Trek Fuel Ex 8. Can't say I've found any of the new Neuron reviews as overwhelmingly positive as the Spectral reviews hAve been, granted its a different target audience.

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