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    New question here. Trail SL5 - removed front wheel, now it won't go back!

    As in the title - I removed the front wheel in order to fit the bike in the car. When trying to put it back on, I found that the pads in the brake calipers have moved much closer together, and the rotor now won't fit back into the caliper!

    Can anyone help? This is my first bike with disc brakes, only had it for a week, so any advice would be appreciated!

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    Perhaps with the wheel off you hit the brake lever and it pushed the piston out. I'd just get a wide flathead screwdriver and wedge it in between the brake pads and force the piston back in. That should give you the space to get the rotor back in...HTH...

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    dkestar is correct. You just need to push the pistons back in. Next time you're at a bike shop, ask for a brake-pad spacer--which is just a little plastic thing that is the proper width for spacing out your pads. You just press it between the pads, and all will be well. As dkestar correctly states, you can also use a screwdriver--but you need to be careful really careful not to damage the pistons.

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    Thanks - I thought it might be something like that, but didn't want to go ramming things into my brakes before checking!

    All done now, just eased the pistons back with a screwdriver, and will be sure to pick up a brake pad spacer next week! Thanks for the help guys.

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