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    Took my Prophet out for the first time in over a year!... have concerns/questions

    So last year I was out of town on a work thing and missed the entire season. So tonight I went out into a cool trail network near my place and ripped around for an hour. Here's what I'm facing:

    -Lefty Max 140 - It clunked about an inch into the travel during compression. So that means a constant clunking feeling. The oil height, bearins are all good. I'm wondering if it's something to do with the rebound damper. I was looking for a TPC upgrade but I don't think that's going to help since it's just a compression damper. Does the Lefty Max even have a compression damper in there?

    -Frame sizing - I'm around 5'10 - 5'11 and I ride a medium. I currently have a 100mm stem with a 2" rise bar and I have a lay backseatpost. I want to get one of those telescopic seatposts that isn't laid back so that means I'll be moved forward a little. I can't see myself having a smaller cockpit. So I'm considering find a large frame unless someone can give me some options for telescopic seatposts.

    Otherwise, I love how light the bike is!
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    A few thoughts on the fork.

    Spring clunk. Pop it open, and rotate the guts (spring and all) 45 degrees. Reassemble and check. Go fully around the clock in four or five increments. No change? At least you tried that, and only lost 5 minutes of your life. Works some of the time.

    If you have an FFD (black flat plug at the bottom end) you don't have compression damping adjustment, but it does damp compression a bit.

    I've found as of late that grease viscosity will impact bearing noise and feel. Perhaps your grease has gotten dried out and stiff, and this will cause some knockity knock noises too. Solution? Service time.....
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    It does sound like it's time for service on that Lefty. Because Mendon can't say it, this seems like a great time to send him your "fork".

    No idea about the post, but I doubt you'll find a layback adjustable post.
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