Frame size is small.
I’m trying to confirm which color spring this bike comes with.
If I’m reading the specs right, it would be green???
Is this correct?

I think I might need a stiffer spring, and am trying to decide if it should be blue or red.
I weigh about 180 (dressed for riding). When I check the sag by gingerly sitting in a “normal”riding position sag is about an inch and it seems right.
But when I lean forward it squishes way down (almost to bottom).
When I’m riding, I try to look down at it once in a while, and it seems pretty compressed. Of course, I have to put a lot of weight forward to do this so that might contribute. I find myself trying to ride with my weight shifted back a little so I can get better response from the front shock.
Rear shock is perfect – no complaints there.

I’ve got air pressure set to 100lbs on the lefty, and have cranked in the SPV volume a about one rotation (not sure what the range is??).
I have not taken the cap off to adjust preload – don’t have the tool (yet).

Should I adjust preload, or go right to a stiffer spring?
If new spring, blue, red, or other?

I just bought the bike a month or so ago and will be calling the LBS to see what they can do and recommend, but the real experts seem to be here!

Riding style is general all mountain – rocky/rooty/mixed New England terrain with tendency to enjoy doing rocky down hills fast.

I did search on this and found a bunch of old threads and learned a bit – now I’m looking for specific info for my situation.