Anybody got a seal kit for the Moto FR oil damper?
The Cannondale seal kit part number is HD128.

I managed to swipe a new OEM replacement damper (HD140) for a mear $53 but I'd like get a new seal kit to service my original damper.

Comes off a 1998 Cannondale Super V 1000 Freeride.

I have checked the usual websites but no luck:


PS... I have found a cunning method to re-install the shaft into the oil chamber and through the bottom seal without a special tool. All you need is some nice thick MailingTape (as sold at the post office). Cut a 1" piece of tape off and wrap it around the bottom of the shaft and then it nicely slides through the bottom seal without damage. As an alternative to buying a $16 nylon bullet. However, the shaft should never be removed from the bottom seal unless the seal kit needs replacement.