Hi everyone,

I also posted in the racing forum, but wanted to ask a few different questions in the Cannondale forum.

I am coming back to XC riding / racing used to race a F2000 in 1999, and have been Racing road bike ever since.

I would like to ask for some help choosing a bike to get back into XC racing.

I am a big fan of the CAD 5 Hard Tail Frames especially the old F5000 SL and the F2000 SL Team bikes.

After leaving XC racing and going to road, the Scalpel bike frames came out but I have never ridden one. So rather than quiz you guys on loads of other manufactures I think I'd like to stay with cannondale as that's where I started.

So my questions are -

1. What are the pros / cons for the Scalpel vs CAD 5 HT ?
2. May I ask about the Lefty forks vs Headshock SL ?
3. If I buy a older model F2000 HT or F5000 can I put a lefty on it ?
4. Where is the best place to learn about the lefty models that would suit each frame ?

Thanks so much for your time .