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    Prophet 1000 first ride

    I took my new Prophet for the first ride last Sun. I did not have a lot of time so I just rode up to the top of Mt. Tamalpais on R.R. Grade.The bike is stock except I took off all the reflector stuff and plastic thing on the rear freewheel.First off this thing climbs like it has a boat achor attached to it"I think it is the stock tires" and also the brakes rub a little bit any advice on what tires to use?I will say one thing this thing sure goes down hill great, you can take any line you want. It is very comfortable and great suspension.This is the first bike that I have had with disc brakes and they work great but do all disc rub?Anyway I think I am going to like it once I get used to it, as long as I don't try to race my friends up hill.

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    Hey there, Congrats on the new rig! If your discs are rubbing, and you are not a DIY guy, take it back to the shop, frequently after a good first ride, the initial adjustment at the shop will be a hair off, and a quick redo will fix it. They should not rub at all. As for tires, yeah they're pigs. I assume you have a favorite tire? Try those. If you are fishing for thoughts, and want a light, fast rolling tire, try a Conti Twister. Please note I said light and fast rolling, these are not a freeride tire at all, and have a minimal tread, but hook up nicely and corner very well for what they are. If you are a pedal masher, you won't like them, they require finesse pedaling for loose stuff, but man, are they fast. The bike is very efficient for climbing, so check your SPV setting if you are bobbing, as you should not be. Finally If you have UST wheels, use non UST tires with some Stans, as this will dump a ton of rotational weight. Rock on!

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    your right

    The factory tires on the 1000 are for downhill only. I like to climb hills so I put some racing tires on it Michelins com s lights. Nice tires. Made a big big difference. Enjoy the bike

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