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    Polishing a turd?

    Took my bone stock trail 6 into a local bike shop that has great reviews.

    Problems: front derailer, front suspension shot, saddle worn.

    Wanted a tune-up and some consultation on a rock shox and other upgrades.

    "Why polish a turd, when for the same price plus 1000$ we'll give you 350$ for your bike and you can upgrade to a TREK full suspension bike on 2014 clearance/blow-out sale"

    I'm a tad ignorant with all the fancy gear and components but I was my 2014 trail 6 that horrible of a ride? He said that the drivetrain is "sh#$" and that it isn't worth even sneezing at. Just upgrade your bike. Well I like my trail 6 damn it! It's like I have a friendship with it.

    Sheesh. So, I'm getting rock shox front end, a saddle and some upgraded pedals along with a tune-up.

    I was hoping the tech's loved my bike as much as I did and was equally excited about having a little cash to upgrade her.

    /rant off.

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    Front derailer: Unless it's broken, just needs to cable and housing and a tune.

    Front suspension shot: Its a cheap fork, unless its stuck, it'll do. But a nice fork is nice indeed.

    Saddle worn: any rips/tears? If not, ride it.

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    wrenching on and selling bikes for 12+ years. @the-one1 is right. Ride it 'til it dies, if you love it, give it a proper viking funeral!! The only thing I'd do with your trail is upgrade the fork, put some nice cables and housing on it, lube and tune the derailleurs, and apply generous amounts of gnar shredding with it!!

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    Just got home and took it for a spin. I had them install a rock shox "recon" front fork on it, air and give it a good cleaning, lubrication and tune-up.

    The front wheel needs to be replaced, but otherwise they did their best to align it. I am very VERY pleased with how much weight it lost and how nimble the shifting is (given what components I have).

    Next stop will be replacing the wheels, but for now it's hanging on. I'm glad I held out and just went with the 300$ service vs. a new bike. #happycamper

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    Was going to check back in and add my two cents.

    Glad to see it went the way it did. They can sell you a new bike later on, when you come in and say you're looking to do so.

    Big hater on pushy sales vibes, always have been.

    That's a better fork than what you had for sure. Ride the bike till that fork starts to show it's age, then re-evaluate based on finances, desires, new discoveries, nostalgia, and whether having a back up bike in running order is as good a thing as everyone says it is.....

    This is a Pugs not some carbon wannabee pretzel wagon!!

    - FrostyStruthers

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    I have a trail and just upgraded all my drivetrain to XT 2x10. Bike feels a million times better. Shifting is crazy how fast and smooth it is and over all the whole bike feels lighter. Looking to also change my fork.

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    Drivetrains are wear items, can't use in a comparison to a new bike.

    My 2010 is a sweet ride, still on the oem fork, but upgraded shifting system, crank, wheels and rotors. Old components went onto a giant I built up, and it rides like a scalded dog. LBS is full of crap. New bike ONLY when repairs get close to new bike cost.
    I will suffer no butt-hurt fools!

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    Upgrading to a proper fork makes a hardtail feel like a new bike. If it makes you happy, keep upgrading it.

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