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    Optimo Frame Creaking?

    It only happens during slow pedaling, uphill. First, I thought it was the seatpost- but I ruled it out, when the creaking only occured during uphill pedaling. I inspected ithe bottom bracket area, and there appears to be no small cracks, at the BB, or any of the welded joints. Could it be the Shimano external bearings, or Hollowtech II cranks? I am at a complete loss. This is the first time the noise occured. I remember a week ago- I heard a snap sound. I stopped, check both front and back mechs- saw nothing suspicious, and continued riding. Help me out here! I hope the new Optimo HT frame is not broken. What else causes creaking while pedaling?

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    I had similar situation when I rode my Rush last month. I checked everything: BB, pivot points, etc, and finally found the creaking sound came from the pedals. The springs on my pedal got dirty and the grease was washed away, hence the annoying sound everytime I pedaled real hard. Hope my experience helps.

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    Re-grease everything in the BB area , cups , between axle and cranx , also grease the plate nuts , these are source of noise sometimes....

    For the frame , also check at the disk tab and seatpost, but I'd bet on the crank area.
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    Wouldnt hurt to put some plumbers tape on the bb threads while youre at it?
    And spray some wd40 on your seat mounting bolts, to rule them out.

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    What everyone else said. I had that problem originating from the rear derailleur hanger-frame interface. Take the hanger off, clean surfaces, lightly coat with grease, grease the mounting bolt and replace.

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