I recently picked up a 2013 Scalpel 3. So far I am very impressed. This is WAY more bike than I am capable of needing at my skill. I do have a few general questions:

1. The bike came with a sheet of little clear stickers. The manual says they are to prevent cable rub. Where do I put them? I guess I could wait for some rub, but that just seems silly.

2. The bike handled a bit twitchy for my skill level. The manual mentions moving a spacer from above the headset to below to slacken the head angle. I have an SI setup. Do I remove the steering stem, loosen the Lefty pinch bolts and bang it apart?

3. I thought I felt some flex in the back when I slipped off a few rocks sideways. Then at home I noticed that rear triangle could slide back and forth on the pivot. Is this normal?