Hi folks,
sorry, but I am somehow blind and do not find the geometry data of actual 2010/ 2011 Lefty 29er forks, the once shipped with the Flash 29 bikes.
What is the axle to crown height? Is it 510mm?
And what about fork rake? I read 45mm somewhere?

Can you guys confirm or correct?

The reason I am asking, I am still thrilled about having a custom titanium build 29er and thinking about to have a Lefty build in.
I know that there are solutions available to use a Lefty within a standard steering tube, but I do like the fact of a „native“ 1.5“ setup specifically for Lefty.
However I would like to make sure that (for whatever reason) I replace the Lefty with a „standard“ 29er 100mm fork (tapered 1 1/8" - 1.5“), that this can be done (just by replacing the headset to a „reducer one“) with basically no affect to the geometry of the bike.

If (at least it looks like) the Lefty has basically similar geometry data like a „standard“ fork, then it should be no problem at all, and I could have a custom TI frame without to worry about fork future, or?

Thanks a lot in advance, and apologize for the rough english.